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We speak to the entrepreneurs, the avant-gardes, the rebels, the unstoppables,
to all of those who don’t fit in any box.

If you are driven and committed to bring forth an ambitious project that will shape the world, you are welcome among us.

What's a creature

A Creature is an authentic, ambitious, courageous, determined, flexible, and loyal entrepreneur.

They are unafraid to take risks and they stand out by their quick ability to handle the unexpected with grace in the pursuit of their vision.

A creature is in a constant transformation process.


We help you navigate the chaos and find clarity, illuminating the path to your aspirations and freeing you from the chains that hold you back.Together, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve the impossible.

CREATURES is a place of trust and loyalty, where you can feel safe and supported as you share your innermost thoughts and feelings.

We unleash entrepreneurs at the chaos stage.


We are two (sides of the same coin)
We are entrepreneurs
We are minority shareholders
We are generalists:
GTM, marketing, sales, product, finance, legal, fundraising, shoulders to cry on, and more
We are cofounders-as-a-service from zero to one
We love chaos
We choose few.

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